Champion Team Charity Activities  

Other than providing professional financial services to every family, Champion Team also dedicated in doing charity work to bring our love to those who need financial support.

International China Concern (ICC) 中国残障儿童资助计划

During Las Vegas Convention, we have mentioned about the charity support for International China Concern 中国残障儿童资助计划. We have been supporting ICC in previous years. Here are some information about this charity program. 


Please follow this donation links where you can become a WFG Infant Centre Supporter (any donation amount)- 


Our goal is to raise $200,000 goal that will be matched by the WFG Charitable Trusts and Foundations for a total amount of $400,000 to support the children. 

四川省平昌县笔山镇  中岭小学

​Champion Team leader, Rocky Shi, has been supporting Zhongling Elementry School for providing better education enviorment to students there.


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