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Are you ready for a retreat to one of the most beautiful islands in the world? Then you want to qualify for the upcoming Hawaii 2021 reward trip to Maui. See the details below on how to qualify, and make sure to stay motivated and on track throughout the contest period so you can spend some time in paradise.

Contest Dates

June 1 – November 30, 2020




Elite Trip

Where:  Four Seasons Resort Lanai

When:  February 16-19, 2021

Top 30 Couples

  • Top 10 SMD Base Shop

  • Top 15 Super Base

  • Top 5 Super Team



Main Trip

Where:  Grand Wailea Maui

When:  February 19-24, 2021


Top 500 Couples:

Top 10 Personal

  • Minimum 150,000 personal net points


Top 370 SMD Base Shop

  • Minimum 200,000 base net points

  • 30 base shop recruits6


Top 75 Super Base

  • Minimum 750,000 super base net points

  • Minimum 120,000 base shop net points

  • 150 super base recruits6


Top 20 Super Team

  • Minimum 2,000,000 super team net points

  • Minimum 75,000 base shop net points

  • 250 super team recruits


Top 5 who joined after January 1, 2020

  • Minimum 100,000 base shop net points


20  President's Picks




1. In order to qualify for participation in contests, and to receive prizes and awards, an individual must have an active membership in and be in good standing with World Financial Group Insurance Agency, Inc., World Financial Group Insurance Agency of Canada Inc. and their affiliated companies.

2. Must meet the minimum qualifications in the category to qualify and rank in that designated category.

3. Acceptable net point ratio (NPR) is used to determine if qualifications are met.

4. Tracked Block of Business{TBB) is used to determine an agent's persistency for points used to qualify for the contest/reward trip and whether chargebacks should occur. Please refer to the TBB guidelines on MyWFG.com for more information.

5. Points must be on the system. No exceptions.

6. If the 30 base recruits or 150 super base recruits requirement is not reached, the agent can qualify if the average company net point ratio is met at the close of the contest.